I’ve had a blog before. I used it mostly to write about emo things an 18-year-old would be concerned about, like why girls didn’t like me and how great GTA 3 was.

This one’s gonna be different.

First, screw Wordpress. And screw Dreamhost.

Second, I want it to be professional. Not businessy, but something I could list on my LinkedIn. Maybe it’ll have swearing sometimes. Probably it’ll have lots of code, a tech rant here and there.

Why a blog though? In 2014? Don’t we have Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter for that now?

Well, I want to have code snippets and lots of control over how it looks. Basically that’s it. Also, I want to keep those other things relatively conversational and short form, while this is for longer things.

So what sorts of things will I cover? I’m deep into the DevOps game now, and I come across exciting new tricks, toys, and tech all the time. It’s not always worth the time to get stuff into prod or the prod pipeline, but I do have the time to gab about it on the Internet. So this’ll be an outlet for that sort of thing.